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FIMI X8 Pro Vs FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2: A Comparison Between Two Competent FIMI Drones!

FIMI X8 Pro Vs FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2: A Comparison Between Two Competent FIMI Drones!

Fimi is an aircraft company owned by Xiaomi, because of its cool photos taken from the sky and its popularity. They have a whole bunch of awesome drones that do amazing things in any situation. Today, let’s compare two fancy drones of Fimi X8 series. We'll look at what they do, how well they're made, and what they do. If you're thinking of buying one, this detailed comparison between FIMIX8Pro and FIMIX8SE2022V2 will help you find the nuances.

Back in 2018, FIMI launched their first folding camera drone FIMIX8SE. Four years on, but the 2022 version still looks the same. Both versions have similar looks and specs. But the company didn't stop there - they went on to develop the FIMI X8 Pro 2023 with some improvements. It's a fantastic drone that combines great performance features with a sleek design that's perfect for aerial photography. Compared with FIMIX8SE, the professional version has several upgrades, which we will discuss in the next part of the comparison.

FIMIX8Pro vs. FIMIX8SE2022V2: Comparison

This part of the comparative study will allow you to go through each division to examine how the FIMIX8SE2022V2 differs from the FIMIX8Pro. Let's jump in!


Fimi X8Pro and X8SE2022V2 are twin inventions with similar physical design. They have a collapsible fuselage with two propellers embedded in each motor at each corner. A vibrant and professional look thanks to the white paint job. Both drones have a 3-axis gimbal mechanism on the front and an accessory port on the bottom. They also have provisions for release and descent, but with different payload capabilities. The build quality of the drone is top-notch, made of high-grade metal materials. They both measure 204x106x72.6mm and measure 372mm diagonally. In terms of weight, the X8SE2022V2 and X8Pro weigh 768g and 780g respectively.


To take clear photos, FIMIX8SE2022V2 uses a fancy camera gadget called SONY ½ inch CMOS sensor (48MP). It has been upgraded to f1.6 larger aperture and 1.6um pixel size, which is a QuadBayer pixel technology. With these features, it can capture clear images at night and during aerial photography. It also has 4x high dynamic range, super night scene shooting and 3-axis gimbal to add beauty to photos.

At the same time, FIMIX8Pro is equipped with a 1/1.3-inch 48MP CMOS sensor and a three-axis mechanical gimbal, which improves the aerial photography effect to a higher level. In addition, it also has HDR mode, larger f1.7 aperture, super night scene shooting and other functions to improve photo quality.

Image transmission system

FIMIX8SE2022V2 UAV is equipped with the third generation RokLink digital image transmission system. It uses adaptive streaming coding technology to transmit data up to 10 kilometers away, allowing users to capture scenery from great distances.

But the latest version of this drone goes above and beyond by using the more advanced RokLink Generation 4 HD video transmission system. With modern communication technology, it ensures faster and more reliable transmission of digital video up to 15 kilometers. It intelligently recognizes the state of the environment, making it the perfect tool for recording stunning sights from farther afield.

remote control

FIMI's drone quadcopter is equipped with a special external remote control, which adds more fun to the flight. The controller is ergonomically and stylishly designed, easy to grip and comfortable to hold. With a detachable joystick and retractable body, it's compatible with all tablets and smartphones, so you can use your favorite device to control the drone.

In addition, both FIMIX8SE2022V2 and FIMIX8Pro support the remote control with built-in screen, which improves the overall flight experience. This 5.5" diagonal screen with 1080p resolution and 1000nits brightness makes drone flying easier and more convenient without worrying about compatibility or visibility issues.


In terms of battery power, the FIMIX8SE2022V2 drone uses a 3s4500mAh battery similar to the previous version, and the flight time is 35 minutes. The drone has four charge level indicator LEDs and a charging port.

On the other hand, the FIMIX8Pro drone has a more powerful 3800mAh battery, providing up to 40 minutes of flight time. The drone is also compatible with IntelligentFlightBatteryPlus, which has a capacity of up to 5000mAh and a flight time of up to 47 minutes. This enables users to explore the sky for extended periods of time.

Another significant difference is that the X8Pro drone is equipped with a three-way obstacle avoidance system, which can detect obstacles in the front, rear and downward directions at a distance of up to 15 meters to ensure the safety of the drone.

FIMIX8SE2022V2 UAV does not support obstacle avoidance system.

other features

Multiple protections such as volume alarm return to flight, excessive battery warning, and return wind warning to ensure safe flight.

However, the old model does not have a 4G cellular image transmission module.

in conclusion

Now, we have many smart drones to help us take aerial photography. In this article, we compared the Fimi X8SE2022V2 and the Fimi X8Pro drone. They are both manufactured by FIMI and have almost the same features and specifications with just a few differences. We hope this detailed comparison helps you choose the best drone for your budget and shooting needs.