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How to find a budget friendly drone? - Drone Purchasing Tutorial

Drone Purchasing Tutorial

Seeking some perspective? Sometimes a bird's-eye view is what you need. Thanks to Fimi UAV's growing drone selection, you can gain a whole new, mile-high point of view - easy!

Link: Fimi X8SE Mini Pro - Budget Friendly 4K Resolution Mini Drone

Browse hundreds of camera drones to take your photographic creativity to new heights. Options include beginner drones with 720p video, hobbyist drones with stable 4K video capture and pro cinema drones that combine speed, cinema-style recording and elite gimbal stabilization. Fimi Uav offers solutions for racers as well, with precision flyers capable of flying over 80 mph. 


Camera Drones

The applications for drones with cameras are endless. In addition to capturing outdoor adventures, they are used today in pro film, real estate, business marketing, search and rescue, inspection, security, land surveying, and many more industries. Intermediate models are often in the $200 - $1,000 range and come with great cameras, superior stability in the wind, and automatic flight modes (such as Return Home and Hold Altitude) which make flying a breeze. Intermediate drones are sometimes referred to as "prosumer" drones as they are able to be used professionally and personally.

Advanced drones are generally used by professional cinematographers and cost upwards of $1,500. These drones offer unmatched speeds, acceleration, stability, image processing and more. Many support CinemaDNG and ProRes recording. Like many intermediate "prosumer" drones, advanced drones are often ready-to-fly right out of the box, and offer intuitive flight modes.


Drone Accessories

Many drones are ready to fly, right out of the box! However, some accessories are necessities in order to make your flying experience worthwhile. Extra batteries are strongly recommended as most drones will run out of juice after 25 minutes in the air. Extra propellers are also important so that you can be back in the air quickly if one breaks. If your drone does not have a gimbal, consider buying one to stabilize your images. Finally, a proper bag will keep your equipment protected.


How can I find the drone I need

We can help you find the perfect drone for your needs — whether it is the newest Fimi X8 or an older, more affordable option. We keep highly-trained product specialists on hand to answer all your questions so you always have access to great advice and great prices!




Fimi X8SE Mini Pro - Budget Friendly 4K Resolution Mini Drone