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  • RokLink 10-15km transmission
  • 5.5-inch, 1,000 nits, 1080p high-brightness screen
  • Multi-core CPU Android 12 SoC
  • Battery life is up to 4 hours

RokLink 10-15km*


5.5-inch 1,000 nits high-brightness screen

Dual-band wireless Wi-Fi

Multi-core CPU 

Android 12 SoC

HDMI output

Type-C fast charging

Ergonomic design


RokLink 10-15km* low-latency HD digital and graphical transmission system

As a third-generation HD digital transmission system, the FIMI TX1OA adopts the communication technology of fast, self-adaptive frequency hopping and dynamic modulation and coding.

The FIMI TX10A offers superior anti-interference performance. 

It achieves 1080p full HD video and data transmission with low latency at a maximum distance of 10-15km*.

5.5-inch, 1000 Nits, 1080P high-brightness screen

The built-in 5.5-inch screen with high brightness is designed for a resolution of 1080 pixels and 1000 Nits.

It can easily be operated under strong sunlight, making outdoor operations fun and full of possibilities.

High-performance multi-core CPU Android 12 fully open software and hardware architecture

Optimized by Android 12 and a multi-core CPU processor, the FIMI TX10A brings more functionality to the customized FIMI Navi app, ensuring smoother operation when flying.

With its industry-level RX10 receiver, the FIMI TX10A allows for more compatibility with a variety of open-source Mavlink protocol-based apps such as QGroundControl and AndrioPilot, as well as open-source hardware including PX4, APM, Ardupilot, iNav, and other flight control devices.


Mavlink:PX4, APM, PIX...







QGround Control



Audio Speaker




More mobike device


Wi-Fi wireless network

Supporting 2.4G and 5G dual-band Wi-Fi wireless networks, the FIMI TX10A offers a faster and stabler transmission speed than its industry competitors.

Output port

The FIMI TX10A supports HDMI for real-time transmission of screen images to third-party displays such as computer screens and monitors. 

It also supports a 128G SD card. Equipped with a 3.5mm headset audio jack, the FIMI TX10A realizes functions such as remote shouting, using the megaphone module and microphone (optional) to transmit voice to a distance of up to 10 kilometers.



Micro SD card slot

Ergonomic design

Using a silicone texture, the FIMI TX10A guarantees a more secure and comfortable grip.

1/4 " thread hole on the bottom for accessories and tripod.

Why can’t I find the text on the computer side on the app side?

The removable joystick makes it easy to store and save space.

More customizable buttons, rollers, and switches make the FIMI TX10A easy to operate.

More customizable buttons, rollers, and switches make the FIMI TX10A easy to operate.

Charging and Battery life

The FIMI TX10A supports the PD QC3.0 protocol for a charging power of up to 25 watts. 

The built-in7.2V 4800mAh lithium battery allows for a 2.5-hour charging time. 

Battery life is up to four hours (test data are based on the maximum screen brightness).

The battery compartment on the back of the controller can accommodate an extra 7.2V 4800mAh lithium battery for longer battery life.

4800 Li-ion battery

4800 Li-ion batterymAh

4 hours 

battery life

4 hours battery life

Multiple controllers

Multiple controllers

Multiple controllers

Multiple FIMI TX10A controllers can simultaneously receive image transmissions from a single drone, making teamwork more efficient than ever before.

Multiple FIMI TX10A controllers can simultaneously receive image transmissions from a single drone, making teamwork more efficient than ever before.

Basic parameter information

Operating frequency:


The maximum control distance:


Video output interface:


Built-in battery:

Lithium ion (4800mAh-7.2V)

Charging method:

Supports 12V/9V/5V

Charging time:

2.5 hours (using a 9V USB charger)

Charging environment teperture:


Storage space:

ROM 16GB+ expandable

Audio output interface:

Standard 3.5mm audio port

(up to 128G)

Charging power:


Spare battery (optional):

Lithium ion (4800mAh-7.2V)

Working environment temperature:


Battery life:

4 hours